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isn't the problem

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
What you have stated has been mentioned dozens of times throughout the life of this thread.

The warming period we're in began long before humans were prolific, but we're accelerating the warming. Warming itself isn't the problem, rather the rate of change. Slow enough change, and things have time to adapt. Rapid change, and things struggle to adapt.

Cooling would certainly be worse.
*The anthropogenic component of the warming is all we ever had an ability to address.
*This warming is the driver for the non-natural-variability-related rates of change we're experiencing.
*We are presently witnessing the inability for natural systems to adapt.
*Scientists caught hell in the 1970s when they mentioned a global cooling trend they were observing.
*They can't win for losing.
*Scientists are the new black.
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