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few willing $10

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
What we know so far.
Few are willing to pay more than $10 a month to fix climate change, this includes a good portion of the believers.
Even fewer people would allow government to expand size and power to fix climate, most people are against that idea.
Anything the United States does will be eclipsed by china.
Warming is better than cooling (unless you're below sea level, then your poor choice in lack of elevation is not my problem).
*Has it been established that we need to spend anything extra to address climate change? Specifics?
*If all Americans vote for climate change mitigation with their dollars,in a free market,would that leave the government anything to do?
*What China does is up to China and any UN conventions that they're a signatory to.
*We're responsible for the USA.
*The warming/cooling comment would be contextual/conditional
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