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Originally Posted by niky View Post
The C should still continue in Japan.
Considering that Japan has so many market-specific models which are hardly available everywhere else, it wouldn't surprise me if Toyota turned an eventual next generation of it into another JDM-only model, with a hybrid version of the Yaris catering to everywhere else.

It's still one of the top three best selling cars there, and has regularly been at or near the top over the past few years.
Because it's not liable to that luxury tax that any car wider than 1,70m is burdened with in Japan. Including the regular Prius.

It's just too small for anywhere else.
I guess you have never been in Uruguay, which has been taken over by subcompacts from Maruti Suzuki and some Chinese automakers. And nowadays with so many crowded cities in every country, a smaller car which is easier to find a parking spot for at a downtown becomes desirable. No wonder in my school days a boy who attended the same school when we were 16 told me his father who had an early Renault Mégane hatchback and a Twingo used the Twingo more frequently.

And yes, from experience, the fuel economy benefit versus the regular Prius just isn't there.
It might not be so advantageous at all on that matter, but it still has reasonable sales arguments which could apply to some markets.
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