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Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob
Those are nacelles for jet exhausts, plugged with tail lights. See the Ford show cars and Galaxie for the originals.
I took Driver's Education in an 1960 4-door.

1955 Ford Mystere - Concepts

Looking around for that, I discovered the 1956 Ford Thunderbird Mexico.
1956 Ford Thunderbird Mexico - Concepts
It never progressed beyond a 3/8ths scale model.


As [Alex] Tremulis put it: "I have always considered the Mexico as a milestone. It opened the door to the windtunnel for the first serious investigation of the new aerodynamic art of the automobile. For many years when I thought I was on the verge of selling a wind tunnel program I was always shot down with arguments such as - 'But Alex, remember the Chrysler Airflow'. Some even referred to it as the 'Airflop'. Others presented arguments such as....
Alex is foreshadowing Luigi Colani.

What do you make of this?

Sort of a sliding sunroof over the back seat and a T-top over the front?

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