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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Sorry. But this is obviously quite wrong. The density and massive quantity of total primary energy will never again be maintained after fossil fuel leaves us. Solar and wind are less than 2%. 17 TW. Do the math.


Looks like the math hasn't worked out for us.
Looks like the fossil-fuels haven't worked out for us.
The data presented in the graphic isn't an absolute.
The graph represents some 'wants'.
People can get by with 'needs.'
There's a lot of 'fat' that can be trimmed from the 'math.'
We get a NASA APOLLO-13 mission flight director like Gene Kranz to throw enough circuit-breakers to get Earth's current draw down to 15-amps ,until it's time for the reentry burn.Duct tape some tube-socks and Lithium- hydroxide carbon-dioxide filters together, to bring our atmosphere back.
The trip may not be ideal,but we make it out alive.
If you've never done a solo backpacking trip into hostile territory you may never actually know what 'needs' are.
It's a distinction which can make or break a planet.
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