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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Who me? Who knows. I think it was to point out that 'liberal' can mean 'liberalist' or 'antifa'. So you do know liberalist? Cool.

What if there was a rally about something else and few designated white supremasists showed and the media fabricated it?

Nobody points out that the event in Charlottesville happened after the [fiery] death of Michael Hastings. That gray Dodge accelerated for 1 1/2 block in a straight line. The guilty plea could have been coerced.
I was agreeing with the specific behaviors attributed by Sendler as Liberal traits; not necessarily to a broad category of people with various character attributions.

For instance, some of the most vocal and prominent Liberals do not hold traditional liberal ideological beliefs. Antifa might be considered by some to be on the "Left wing" or "Liberal", but their actions and statements don't seem to reflect this, and they somehow think that you fight fascism by being fascist, and apparently see no irony in this.

I'm not familiar with any of the history you've provided since I don't follow news, but I recall hearing something about an alleged white supremacist running a crowd of people over with his vehicle, but I didn't pay much attention. Was that the event in Charlottesville?

Anyhow, I'm not up on what the event you're referring to is, or media fabrication of the events, though I am familiar with media of late being notorious for doing so. Drumming Indian and MAGA confrontation comes to mind.
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