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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
We already did many of the electronic efficiency upgrades. Which did result in a slight decoupling of increasing population/ GDP from energy from 1980 to 2010. but much of that is now recoupling. Transportation will be the next big improvement. but you have yet to put your number on what feasible per capita reduction that you can rationally foresee. and keep in mind 3 Billion people still burn wood and dung for all of there cooking and heating needs. They will be the ones who's lifestyles will have to change the least in the next 100 years. All efficiencies have been approximated to allow an improvement of 2:1. Do you really think rebuildables will achieve 8 TW? Before we run out of our fossil fuel seed corn that is required to build them out?
If one fails to take their politically-correct medication,they may lapse into a thought progression which implies:
*Current food production is stupid,extremely inefficient, wasteful,and polluting.Energy savings are obtainable.
*Current housing is stupid,wasteful,energy inefficient,and massive energy savings potential exists.
*Current office buildings,private and government, are stupid,wasteful,and offer enormous energy savings potential.
*ditto transportation (all of it).
*ditto consumer capitalism products.
*Daylight-savings wastes fortunes in energy
*While public education is mandatory,it doesn't exist,in the context that consumers are made aware of their individual and collective impact on the environment.
*Public schoolteacher's pension funds should be decoupled from energy corporations,ICE vehicle manufacturers,and the military industrial complex.(their students shouldn't have to die in uniform to support their teacher's filthy,energy-sucking lifestyles,while the teacher delivers no education for an entire career)
*Municipal government's pension funds ditto.
*County government's pension funds ditto.
*State government's pension funds ditto.
*Tax appraisal districts should focus on affordable housing,not how high they can run up property taxes.
*No tax increases unless taxpayer's income rises in lock-step.
*energy should never be treated as any other consumer product.
Yep,I'm ranting now.
I think we can get by on less than 8-TW.
The UN has already excused developing countries as far as emissions go,but that doesn't mean we can't help them to get more bang out of their dung.
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