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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
The funny thing is, there's clearly a blocking plate on the wheel liner exactly where a duct would be:
There is a bleed hole, and that block plate looks spongy, as if air could permeate or filter through it if under enough pressure.

Maybe it worked too well, and they had to slow the flow down?

Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
Well, three different cars from three different manufacturers (Hyundai, Lexus, Honda) now use them, so there must be something to them.
I would not trust the "follow the herd" mentality on anything.

I just got in an Internet fight over the demise of the Airbus A380, none of the "follow the herd" people chanting Boeing outfoxed them had an explanation for the major sponsorship and majority sales going to Persian Gulf countries. They would rather look like fools than to accept my theory based on tons of actual data and an event/experience I remember from 35 years ago.

The herd goes where the herd goes, there is no mind to it.

On a lighter note, today was the first time the funny Gifs showed up for me - hilarious.
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