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No responses yet? maybe everyone is snowed in.

What experience do you have? What hardware do you have?
composite streamliner travel trailer.... 3D surfaces in complex curves
So your going to CNC formers for an eggcrate form to shape what?

I honestly don't know the best suggestion. One approach might be a NURBs modeler and slicing software like 3D printers use. Have you thought about the size of the CNC router required?

Personally, I find a box modeler has enough of a leaning curve. I use Wings 3d and it outputs 13 file types including .stl. I use Wings™, .3ds and .obj.

My designs have a simple convex hull that can be defined to eight decimal places. I like the idea of formless construction, using peel patterns. Using a sphere that is oblated differentially on three axes.

Resulting in a motorhome

I'm currently modeling an old trailer I had, a 1953 Silver Streak Clipper. I find that modelling the end caps would be easier in a NURBs modeler.

edit: I have no idea why those IMGs won't embed, you can open them in a new tab.
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