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Sort of off/on topic, how is ridesharing ridesharing? Seems to me it's 95% taxi service. I'm libertarian and think anybody should be able to enter an agreement with a fellow willing citizen without government intervention but come on, if taxis have to do it so should all the rest, or vice versa, leave taxis alone. This is going to play out in many other areas as well, what I hope is where people embrace it in one area like Uber, they will see the good in many other areas. Vrbo or Airbnb have a strong foothold in breaking hotels the way we know them, I say we could do it with education and healthcare as well, probably a bunch of other ways as well.

As far as car I always vote minivan as the best taxi. You can still buy a brand new 2019 Grand Caravan for like $22,495 even less in active military or FFA member. MPG is not the best but it's not bad, we always get 18 city and have gotten 30 highway. Our 2011 is the same as a 2019 and with 80,000 miles on it is worth about $8000 if you look used. We have had not a single problem with this van, just brakes, tires, and oil changes.
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