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Originally Posted by ThomCat316 View Post
Hi, all!

Trying to model and then cut male forms for a composite streamliner travel trailer, and I'm wondering if there's a better software out there for my needs than Fusion 360.

Software parameters:
Free or very inexpensive
Can develop 3D surfaces in complex curves
Can output surface areas for total/selected areas
Can create forms with shell allowances
Can export forms to be cut on a CNC router

I saw that Macskyver had used Fusion 360 in his aeroshell design/build, and it seems to check a few of the boxes I have. What I am wondering is if there are better/simpler options for a beginner, or if I need to just get to learning this and enjoy having the new skill at the end of the learning curve.

Thanks for your opinions and help!
I looked into the CFD/CAD/CAM TESLA,BMW,and M-B use,and never received a call back.
Since I wasn't a deep-pocket corporation,they probably figured I'd fail on the net-worth/economics metric for customer viability.
you may need something of this caliber,as you will need full-scale simulation and the resolution of millions of panels to get accuracy.Not for a desktop computer,but could be done on hundreds of parallel computers.
One iteration of design requires almost 2-days run time on a supercomputer.
There is some information available online.
If you have a 5-figure income,go for it.You'll need that just to create each data cloud for each simulation.
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