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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Doesn't change anything.
In 30 years solar might be able to provide 5% of the United States energy.
If we take all the solar we have now, build that much every single year for 30 years we could have 6% of our energy in 30 years from solar.
That's assuming no degradation or disasters taking out panels and assuming there is 0 growth in demand for 30 years.
That doesn't appear possible.
If we built nuclear reactors at a fairly lackadaisical pace for 30 years, with increasing energy demand we could provide an additional 10% of the energy used by the United states with nuclear. Nothing would change and no one would even notice.
That's total energy not just electricity.
So if we reduce electrical demand,we still need to provide as much power as before?
And we're limiting the discussion to electrical power generation.

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