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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Breeder reactors don't use water and they can use the nearly unlimited supply of depleted uranium left over from the cold war, naval power reactors and commercial enrichment.

What's going to reduce electrical demand in the future?
It sure isn't going to be all these people switching to battery and plug in cars.
I thought the idea is replace fossil fuel use.
A third of the energy used by the US goes to transportation and most of that energy comes from liquid fossil fuels burned by the vehicle.
I have already established if a 2 car household gets rid of 2 gasoline cars and gets 2 electric vehicles that house holds electrical consumption could double, but that depends on what kind of vehicles they get and how far they drive.
We tried the corn to alcohol thing that's completely dependent on natural gas so that's a dead end.
Ignore everything else for the moment,and just concentrate on this one thought: If the demand is reduced,and you're going to replace the source of the supply with something else,do you need to provide as much capacity as before?
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