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EV mode is a great way to kill a battery or at least shorten it's life. Consider this... the usable capacity of the hybrid battery is about the same as the total capacity of the 12V battery in the trunk.

HV battery: 244.8V * 6.5Ah * 40% = 636Wh
12V battery: 12V * 57Ah = 684Wh

How far would you plan to get running solely on the energy stored in the 12V battery? Probably not far.

Have you ever run an actual comparison in similar conditions? The EV mode range is a couple of miles at low speed, and since you never plug the car into the wall, ALL kinetic energy ultimately comes from gas.

Here's a pro-con list:

1) a mostly placebo mileage effect.

1) EV mode runs the battery to lower voltage.
2) Lower voltage means higher amperage.
3) Higher amperage is harder on the cell chemistry accelerating wear.
4) deeper depth of discharge is harder on the cell chemistry accelerating wear.
5) More battery use during cold weather is harder on the cell chemistry accelerating wear.
6) More battery use means more engine running to recharge the battery.
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