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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
All of my questions were rhetorical, in the same spirit as Neil's.
My questions were fact-based and scientific. Quite the opposite of rhetorical.

If you can't explain the facts - then your hypothesis is wrong.

Please explain these facts:

Facts like record high global temperature averages?
How do you explain the rapid loss of ice?
How do you explain the melting tundra, and eruptions of gases?
How do you explain the ocean becoming more acidic?
Why is carbon dioxide at about 413ppm?
Why are plants and animals migrating to new / different regions?
Why are we seeing rapid extinctions?
Why is sea level rising?
Why is there more evaporation?
Why are tropical diseases spreading?
Why are we seeing so many people migrating?
Why are walruses and polar bears starving?
Why are lobsters migrating?
Why is plankton about half of what it was in 1960?
Why have about 70% of flying insects disappeared, since 1989?
Sincerely, Neil
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