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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
The problem with a minivan is fuel economy. If we use the EPA combined mpg and a fuel cost of $3 a gallon the difference between a Caravan and Prius is $9230 every 100K miles.

A guy at my work drove Uber for two years full time before landing his current job. He was driving his Ford C-Max 75,000 miles per year. At those kind of miles the extra fuel cost is $575 per month. That is the car payment!
Except I bet real world and $2.50/gal gas doesn't work out to be that big of a difference. Heck I doubt I end up spending $10,000 in gas total for my first 100,000 miles in the minivan so unless the Prius is free. How much more does an XL make? How many more fairs will you get not trying to cram 5 passengers into something that just barely will do it? I know if I was in say Seattle without a car and looked for an Uber to give the family a ride, I wouldn't accept anything smaller than a minivan.
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