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MPGuino colour touch

**UPDATE: Unit now has configurable MPG or L/100 in settings**
** Has fully functioning Bluetooth with app on the google play store**

Over the last 5 years I've been running a version of the original MPGuino v0.8 adapted for a colour TFT display. I then adapted the unit to use a touch screen, replacing the long outdated 3 button setup from mpguino version 0.8.

It's been running in 4 separate vehicles seamlessly for over a year now and I think its time to farm out interest in the wild.

Only having a base understanding of coding it took a lot of troubleshooting to get her to work. But with GUI experience as a kid I have since refined and have a very streamlined product that has been stable with a range of different users.

Astute coders will notice the example script used for the circular rainbow effect, which works well for instant mpg display :P

Usability has been refined over the 5 years and I personally have it on a 2004 V8 landcruiser and a 1979 V8 Ford Falcon running a holley efi setup.

Refils have been accurate within 0.5 litres over the 120L fill on the landcruiser, which is a testament to the original MPGuino script.

I am setting up to sell the units, but am after interest or ideas from you guys!


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