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parts failures

Originally Posted by JSH View Post
I expect the same things to fail on Teslas as any other car.

HVAC systems (Compressors, condensers, lines, o-rings, controls, fans)
Suspension (tie-rods, bearings, struts, CV joints, bushings)
Doors: (Door handles, Lock systems, Window Regulators)
Wires harnesses: (Wires will age and crack, rub on stuff and short, grounds will go bad)
Coolant will need to be changed and coolant pumps will wear out.

I expect brake calipers will seize up quicker than those in an ICE car because they get little use.

Then there are collision repairs....
I've got 408,000 miles and 25-years on the Toyota T-100,and haven't seen some of the failures mentioned yet.
*Never AC issues
*Nothing on any of the steering or suspension except shocks and power steering hoses (rebuilt by NAPA for $35)
*One door handle ($90)
*Replaced valve cover gasket (heat cycling and hardening)[not an issue with an EV]
*The ECM fried a few capacitors ($130 )
*New front rotors and calipers(you'd expect that on a truck this old)
*No collisions,so I don't know anything about those.
*Tesla's battery pack is good for 20-years ( 7-years longer than the statistical mean ave. used car)
I have family and friends who own Tesla's,time will reveal what, if any hardships accompanies ownership.
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