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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Very true. Lightning can strike anywhere.

Maybe the LX transmission is a happy middle? Any way you could test drive a car with these various transmissions?

A very small turbo might be an option too. Small enough and it won't hurt economy, and will spool up very quickly. Not a cheap option but you could keep your power while gearing the car very tall for phenomenal highway economy.
Great advice, thank you. I may see if I can find similar cars to test drive to at least get a feel of the gearing. However, the EX, DX/LX, and HX have different engines, so even if one feels faster or slower than the other, it would be hard to say if the difference is the engine or the gearing.

As for a turbo, great idea but no. I am going to eventually K swap this car, and the time and money involved in installing a turbo would never be offset by any fuel savings.
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