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The Right Angle crew address the issue.

and it appears to turn out that there
has been some significant warming in the
last 7080 years especially the last 30
or 40 years the question is what does
that what do the temperatures look like
against the baseline in other words I
can sum this up very easily there is no
standard earth temperature and there is
no ideal standard earth temperature we
do have a standard atmosphere because
pilots need to be able to measure
whether the air is thinner or thicker on
a given day
right so we have a standard
atmosphere which is 29.92 degrees of
mercury on a 57 degree fahrenheit day at
sea level that's a standard atmosphere
....Kansas was
under two miles of water 80 million
years ago and 80 thousand years ago it
was under a mile of ice none of which we
caused so there's that entire argument

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