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Some good input and thank you. Does anyone know another pickup owner that experiments with this tiny angled version of an air dam before? I have been messing with the wording on google searches and its just above my abilities so far lol.

Too add insult to injury im adding mudflaps . Towing with gravel roads and slightly oversized tires just isn't working out the best and the tires throw rocks like ticked off protesters. I don't feel it will hinder a ton in my scenario but not being afraid to hang my arm out the window or worry about rocks smacking the mirror will be nice.

PS the tonneau cover is holding up great after two years of sun/snow/de ice fluid and what not. I rinse it off and put the conditioner sprayon once a year but its held up fantastically and a solid 1-1.5mpg on highway trips. its paid it self off three times in two years with some road trips already.
1999 f250 4x4 7.3l automatic
19.5 mpg freeway- Newbie looking to improve!
-Tonneau cover, Intake, Straight pipe, improve turbo compressor wheel.
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