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Well, in a forum with so many uncle Jordan's fan I was imagining more people would make critics against millennials. After all, most Jordan's critics fits to millennials behavior.
He hated the Gillette add, and honestly there was nothing wrong with such add itself. The only problem is that a add pointing the girls's bad behavior is missing, since both genders can be evil when get power. Girls gossip, use sexuality to manipulate and are bully towards other girls (cannibals).

What I notice is that older generations are selfish to judge. They forget all the crap they did in their teens and 20's, and place their generation as a standart and their bullsh...t/mistakes as ok, like only criticising who would made something worse than them. I call it Self Indulgence Syndrome.
Other times the olders even criticise some better behavior of youth, like when calling then weak, not masculine enogh, in a attempt to don't accept they was rude or bully in their past.
Maybe it's something from nature, neural and freudian, since olders know the youth will take their place, like in savage nature the olders are replaced when can't defeat the youths anymore, and so they fear the youth.

A question: Is avocado expensvie on USA?

5 dollars coffee? I heard most USA cofee (not the very expensive ones) are watery and bad taste. On Brazil one of the few good things is coffee, despite the best grains usually go to exportation, but the good coffees here don't cost so much.

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