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Solar cell panel on the roof..?.

I see they are selling 200 watt panels nowadays.
Like the SANYO HIP-200BA3 panel..

So, since they cost a lot, I was thinking about the best way to deploy one
of these new panels on the roof of my little SUV..

A power control unit that converts down to 12-15 volts and can steer the
power to where it's needed.

1.The control unit would only power up if the panel was supplying few watts from the sun. (Self powered).

2. If the ICE was on, the battery voltage would be monitored . The voltage
to the battery (from the panel) would be increased until it was slightly
above the monitored voltage. (It would take over for the alternator,
as much as possible, thus reducing engine loading).

3. If the ICE was off, and the air temperature was hot, the controller would
1st charge the battery as needed and 2nd power up cabin ventilation fan(s)
to keep the car cooler.

4. If the ICE was off, and the temperature was cold, the controller would 1st
charge the battery as needed and 2nd apply power to an engine block heating element.

I was also thinking about what happens when the car drives under a bridge etc.
Where the sun is blocked out. Instead of the controller falling off line,
perhaps a 12V 'bridge' niMH battery could be useful.?.
(The niMH weight limit should be under 5 or 10 pounds).
It might be useful just to run the cabin ventilation fan if you parked in the
shade for an hour at the mall..


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