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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Well, in a forum with so many uncle Jordan's fan...
I have no idea who "uncle Jorder" is. Had never heard of him until I read this post.

A question: Is avocado expensvie on USA?
Compared to what? They're a tropical fruit that AFAIK doesn't ship very well (unlike bananas), so naturally they're going to cost more than something that can be grown locally.

5 dollars coffee? I heard most USA cofee (not the very expensive ones) are watery and bad taste. On Brazil one of the few good things is coffee, despite the best grains usually go to exportation, but the good coffees here don't cost so much.
Coffee is not supposed to taste good, it's supposed to wake you up. I've no doubt you could easily pay $5 or more in a fancy coffee place, but you're paying for the experience, not the coffee. OTOH a ~1 kg can of store-brand ground coffee costs about $6-7, and makes my daily 2-3 cups for a couple of months.
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