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It would still have to be resistant to sulfuric acids, and Venerial storms?

Mars and the Moon's surfaces are unfit for habitation due to the radiation and either radical chemicals (Mars) or abrasive dust (the Moon). The only practical way to live there is to dig in.

The moon has large lava caves, that could be a nice start. Deep inside those caves there should be little radiation. Maybe there's enough space for a large spinning habitat to simulate Earths gravity, but maybe the lower gravity is not that big a problem after all.
If we go in long term natural selection would make us adapt to the conditions anyway.

But hey, let's drop a balloon onto Venus, why not?
If it works, who knows what could come of it.
Maybe some algae might root and start doing something. The poles might become inhabitable given time.

You do know how long a Venereal day is though?
That too could be a problem for a floating city. The days would be killing, the nights chilling. And don't watch the east for a sunrise...

I think Europa is a better bet. An ocean under the ice. The ice and the water underneath provide protection against radiation and would be much easier to deal with than the aggressive chemicals on Venus and Mars or the abrasive moondust.
A thin atmosphere with oxygen. Way too cold to breathe, but at least it is available.

It is just so very not nearby.
And that's where it gets troublesome. The Big Falcon Rocket (boy were they lucky with the bird species - what if it were an ostrich, a hummingbird, pelican or turkey?) could be useful for a Sydney commute, but Europa is years away, and Venus may have long days but balloons don't make good rocket landing platforms.
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