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Thanks everyone.. I installed a heat blanket and wrapped down pipe on the van but not the manifold, so Ill get started on that for the 97.. Any brand suggestions?

The van had a 91 block but was intercooled with the IC head I believe.. It had a big H1C with smaller 16? exhaust housing and ran great after the rebuild, and sad to see it go but it wouldn't fit in my garage.

My 97 is a unmolested stocker with 109K. The HX35 is really tight but no boost gauge as I felt fuel pressure was more important at the moment. No noticeable turbo shaft play but doesn't spin as easily by hand as the old H1C which had a little bit of axial play, but would spin allot longer by hand. Coked bearings?

I haven't bought a 7' wide trailer yet because I don't want fenders.. Ive found them here and there.. But there always so far away, as I want a rare 7x16 narrow track model like in the texas CL link I thought I could post. But Iv also considered a round nose/roof old school horse trailer because they are narrow as well, but would need the axles narrowed to the same width as the truck and wheel wells installed inside.. Better mpg with goosenecks to. The 7' width is why its so hard for me to find a suitable used trailer, as most 7' wide enclosed trailers still use the same wide axle as a 8' wide uses, but with ugly fenders. If you search Pace 16ft cargo sport trailer on dallas trailers by owner you see what Im looking for.

Goals for the truck are reliability and economy. My buddy tells me HP upgrades usually increase the efficiency and fuel mileage.. But I have my doubts but haven't really found a group of people who's goal was the same as mine.. Until now.

The TTB 50 free spin mod is on my list.
97 12 valve 4x4 5 speed 3.54

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