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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
What DasChicken said, and also... it sounds like you didn't buy that 125cc bike. If you are still hunting, there are used bikes with great fuel economy. I have not owned a motorcycle in many years (except a scooter I don't ride), but here is a list I found through a google search:
I have seen this once before.

I want to isolate what makes the engine efficient.

A 25cc motor will be super efficient compared to a 250cc motor however the 25cc motor cannot travel at 110km per hour.

Even engine capacity is not a definitive indicator as an engine may be poorly designed or not designed for efficiency.

I am specifically looking for 110km per hour top speed and lowest possible fuel consumption. If I can get a scooter that would allow for recumbent seating but scooter CVT motors are heavy.

We don't have Honda Wave here in Australia.
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