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I don't like to use this argument, but USA crime rate are mostly committed by black people, near 50% of crimes despite they represent 15% of population. And nobody is hungry on USA. After many social politics things didn't changed. Some scientists start to concern about a criminal genes or genes have higher prevalence on afro descendents. But this is a forbiden thematic, since can be used by raciswt peope and distort it and generalize to all black people instead of treat people as individuals or lead white nationalists to get power demanding a new apartheid or somewthing like. The point is that nobody wants to study iot, since any scientist who dare say smething can have the career burned as political correctness of today preachs everyone is equal and considers a herezy any deviation from that.

Your graphic let puzzled about old west... I imagined it was one of the most violent times of USA...
Is this graphic (third one) the homicide rate per 100.000 habitants or the total number of homicide?
Wasn't old west gunshot duels on streets considered a homicide?

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post

US has a higher homicide rate than many other EU countries.

USA homicide rate is worse than many EU countries, but a bit lower than the world average. Who knows how much of it is cultural, and how much is biology?

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