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England have a culture of kindness... While Brazil and USA... welll it's easier to be killed by arguing with a angry driver on Brazil or USA than by a drug dealer on England.

I wonder how Black Mirror (TV series) issues will became reality at least in some points. I imagine almost everyone carry a phone connected with GPS, with their profiles, and maybe the government would impose a citizenship profile or criminal profile to go together, and it would be displayed on screen when someonme point a camera, and very good citizens, with great psychologic good temper and clean record would be displayed too. Police would shoot looking to the cell phone screens...

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
It is the same shooting I referred to.

If someone had a gun...
The problem is the shooter had a gun.

We try to prevent gun ownership and it isn't that easy to get one here, even for criminals.
We have stabbings... but to stab someone you need to come up close, it isn't as easy as just shooting someone down.

Yes you could make your own gun, but most people lack the tools, skills and knowledge to do so.
Almost none of the few shootings we have is done with self made guns.

Allowing guns makes for an unhealthy arms race. In the animal world, the hunters will generally have longer teeth than the hunted; natural selection will see to that. Just so in our world.
It wont prevent shootings - it may end them sooner, but in the confusion the defending shooters may be mistaken to be offensive as usually nobody sees who fired the first shot.

The US always had an abundance of guns. So forbidding gun ownership does not work, only creates another tier of illegality.
But countries that have always banned guns, like Great Britain and us, should keep on doing so.

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