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Thanks for this information. I'm happy to know. I wonder why nobody pointed it against Jared Taylor in the debates and TV debates I saw. They need to effort better in such debates to confront hin. He don't fool me, despite he smiles a lot today.
But I'm also suspect that the sexual libertinism of today are making poor women breed more with criminal or agressive males than in the past. If some genetics have a role (even for whites ands asian) violent genes are being more spread.

I also heard about that IQ have a role to whites, since someone said (need to find official data)m that whites with lower IQ was also more prone to criminality.
Black culture it's sad, despite be great black people and terrible white peple. In general we see such street culture, even the language it's refuted, distorting english and making a variant of it. This only turn black people away from society. I refer to the kind of street culture, street style like a pseudo gang style. It's the sort of thing that don't help black people.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'm for genetic study that attempts to understand how behavior is influenced by it. That said, I don't believe genetics has much to do with black crime rate. There was much less black crime back when children were raised with 2 parents; back when real institutional racism was in effect such as segregated facilities.

When you compare crime and poverty statistics among people from single parent white families with single parent black families, they begin to look very similar.

My best guess for the differing statistics is culture. Same reason why the US has a higher homicide rate than England.

You just listed a bunch of fairly benign things. You could have asked how people can kill with jello, or styrofoam, or pillows. What about vehicles, explosives, poisons, infectious diseases...

There's no way to stop terrorism unless you can obtain prior knowledge of people suspected to be involved in terrorist activities. To do that, they either have to be sloppy, or have a secret agent imbedded in their group.

I agree that US laws are too relaxed for gun ownership. We require a demonstration of proficiency and knowledge of laws to drive a vehicle, but not to purchase a firearm. As I've been saying, people should not be allowed to possess a firearm unless they have obtained a permit, showing basic proficiency in handling and passing a written exam. The NRA should probably administer the testing, as it's in their best interest to develop a robust testing methodology.

... and firearms instructors are more dangerous. If I were to get into a gun battle with an instructor, I'd probably be killed 9 times out of 10.
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