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Citi (bank) $200-billion offshore wind,Rhode Island

Citi (bank) had already helped get a 30-MW offshore wind farm in service last year,at Block Island Wind Farm,Rhode Island,USA.The power saved residents 40%.
Last Sunday morning on MEET the PRESS,General Electric ran an advertisement for a $200-billion offshore project.
G.E.builds up to a 12-MW, Haliade -X-12,turbine (world's largest),with a Capacity Factor of 63%,67 GWh/year,and capacity to run 16,000 European households per turbine.
With a 220-meter turbine,it can harvest lower wind speeds,and more efficiently.
It looks like a continuation of what started out as a 10-year project.
Rhode Island is a member state of the U.S.Climate Alliance,pledged to stay in the Paris Agreement,with, or without the US Government.
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