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Did I just miss out on a $700 insight (with dead battery pack)?

I had been chatting with the owner for a while. He was asking $2,200 for a 2004 with 205,000 miles. The problem was that he needed to go out of town for work and I was never able to be in the Phoenix area when he was. He was supposed to drive down on Saturday, but then said he could not make it until Monday at 6pm. I did not leave town until 6pm, but I had wanted to leave at noon. Mom kept asking if I was on my way yet, reminding me that she only slept two hours the night before, and she really needed my help.

The driver came out, showed the car to someone else, the battery failed, and they agreed on $700. I probably would have needed to out-bid someone else, but then I either would have needed to leave even later, or stay the night, and leave at 5am to see my clients.

Yesterday was already a long and tiring day, so that did not seem like a good option. I would have missed sleep, too.

When I replaced the timing belt, the FSM did not say to put Loctite on the alternator, but it has worked loose twice now, so put Loctite on the alternator fasteners. It squealed a little before I drove down, but it had been raining and snowing, so I did not worry about it, but when it squealed in the dry Phoenix area, I worried, especially since I had not brought my tools.

So, never leave home without tools.

It was a whole 82 in Phoenix, but I drove quite a bit. There was an closed down Sonic next to O'Reilly's, so I parked in the shade. Laying on the ground, if I cranked the wheel, I could reach through the wheelwell, loosen the nut, apply Loctite, and tighten it, but I did not realize that until after I had already lost the nut.

A 10mm nut is an m8-1.25, if you cannot get to a dealership.

I bought my wrench and socket set back in 2000 or 2001 for $100. The only piece to break was the 19mm I tried to use to break loose the crankshaft pulley. So, unless you use a four-foot breaker bar, you should not have a failure.

O'Reilly's had a similar set, but with far more screwdriver and nutdriver bits, on sale for $90. With my military discount, it is still going back.
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