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Originally Posted by arcosine View Post
This would fly at jet speeds, Mach 0.7
I've see the RC flying models of those online for years, very cool.

Truboprop, ducted fan and jet engine versions being compared.

I do not know if they have looked at hybrid-electric that the below article looks into.

Coming Soon To Airports Near You: Fast Hybrid-Electric Aircraft For Everyone
Regional air powered by range-optimized hybrid-to-electric aircraft is poised to take on this challenge. Electric propulsion will bring airliner competitive economics to mid-sized aircraft over ranges from 700 miles in the early 2020s to over 1,000 miles by 2030. Hybrid aircraft will give rise to a regional air system that is very different from the concentrated hub-spoke of the jet engines today.
This is a complex topic, but in short I think in the future there will be both larger intended for Hub & Spoke +500 passenger superjumbo megaliners (+Airbus A380 size) of blended wing, and an expansion of the smaller airport, smaller aircraft Point-to-Point system outside of western Europe (W.E. too congested/dense for P-to-P).

Do not confuse Point-to-Point with non-stop and or "direct" flights as many people do. The article below provides some examples on the topic.

Hub vs Point

Back to that Boeing/NASA blended wing, flying wings and semi-flying wings or so-called "Blended Wing" configurations suffer from heaving up and down oscillations, but computer controls may temper this as they have with the B-2.

In addition, no more looking out the window (bad?), but again people glued to their electronic devices may be an advantage here so we shall see if this is an important tomorrow as it is today.

Back to some odd stuff...................but I like this one a lot.

I'm not so sure about the following, but it's giving me something to think about.
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