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That's my typical modus operandi.

Get a realtor of your own that has flip / contractor/ rental manager expertise.

Be sure you can and are capable of doing the work by yourself. Does not mean you do the work. Figure a minimum of 5 years to complete. See what the county building department has and things they don't like about the project. I once bought a house that should have been condemmed. I made money on all but one houses I have owned, to the tune of approx $20k a year. Suprisingy, made the most $ on the condemned one, but that was market timing.

Decide your end game before hand. Living there forever has different results from flip

Be the best looking house from the street. As slowmover said boobus americanus determines everything from curbside.

Finally. DONT PAINT IT FUSCHIA PINK. Neutrals is the key.

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