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Gonna be tough to be the nicest looking from the street as all the other homes are old single story, and this is new double story. Doesn't fit in at all. The neighbors already tried to fight the project at City Hall.

Oh, and get this, the owner is a general contractor. Makes me wonder how everything was started and nothing was finished, and the money ran out. Shouldn't a GC know what it's going to take to finish something? Hopefully the fact that the owner is a GC means it was built properly. Most of the work was hired out and not completed by the owner.

I'm sure the house has little interest because construction loans are different than a regular mortgage. Then it has no curb appeal and people want move-in ready. I find it a bonus that I wouldn't have to tear anything out, and can finish it the way I like. For instance, I only like undermount sinks. Way easier to keep the countertop clean that way.

Since the ADU is nearly complete, and the easiest to complete, the fallback plan would be to live in it until the house is finished. I'd want to live in the house a minimum of 2 years to improve it and save up for building/buying the home we really want. I'd probably keep it as a rental since that's what I did with my home in Vancouver WA, and that's working out very well. Probably better as a rental than to flip since it's going to be tough to give it curb appeal.

My dad is retired and can help out too, so I've got lots of options on how to finish the place.
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