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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
How feasible would it be to custom set fields to order? Or if you're releasing the source code we can change things ourselves -that's probably the ideal senario.

I'd change the triangle of death to something else. Possibly a petrol bowser? It's a bit in your face as it is - if someone borrows your car it might freak them out. What is the variable that controls it (does it learn peak fuel consumption)? Another alternative might be an Ecomodder logo that goes out when you're being naughty.

How is DTE l/100km different from tank 1/100km?

I'd like to see:
Short Trip

On one of the 3 field screens. I more or less know what I get over a tank so I target 'short trip' always being better that what I got on my last tank. If current is worse than short trip I lift off if I can. Accurate speed is nice as this is going into a car with an analogue speedo (85 Celica).

On one of the detailed screens I'd like:

Short Trip
DTE or Litres used (kind of one and the same to me)
Tank l/100
Tank ODO
Hey Mate,

My code is atrocious and embarrassing :P It's about 6 years of hacking and slaying the original code to make it work.

I can add infinite screens, and I have since added the ability to go back and forward between screens, so you wont need to cycle through them all to get to where you want. My idea is setting up as many pages designed by you guys as you give me. When being used you can leave it on yours and it'll live there. Who knows, you may like some of the others after repeated use

The Tank/DTE trips:
Tank average and ODO is obvious
DTE average and ODO is what the 'current' trip was previously on other mpguinos. It is now used to calculate DTE.. This means it can still be used as 'current' if desired. But will effect the calculation. I did long drives with this unit (Perth to Adelaide, 2600kms) numerous times so DTE was life to me.

The triangle of death is only activated when the Graph goes low or high (set by DTE avg +5L/100).

Peak is impractical due to it being around 300L/100 when you initially move unfortunately.

Perfect ideas for pages mate, I can implement immediately and take a picture. do you mean instant tho? is this what we're talking about

DTE L/100 (current/separate L/100 calculation separate to tank)


SPEED (medium)
DTE L/100 (medium)
DTE or Litres used (CAN BE EITHER, TANK litres used maybe?) (small)
Tank l/100 (small)
Tank ODO (small)
Voltage (small)
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