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A week or two before my birthday, the King of Random['s sidekick Nate] revisited the decennia-old Mentos and Diet Coke geyser, claimed they were going to make the best one ever, and the disappointment was overwhelming.

I posted a video on Facebook seven years ago. I was home on leave, filled a five-gallon water bottle with Diet Coke, had my nephew pour Mentos into it, and filmed it. In the beginning of the video, my nephew asked if he could eat some, and I told him "No, it's for science!" When the two ingredients reacted, I said "Look! You made a mess!"

I was just a guy trying to make memories with my favorite and then-only nephew, not someone paid to come up with cool stuff, on a team with eleven million members. I had previously looked into filling a fifty-five gallon drum with Diet Coke and pouring Mentos into it, but there were many complications, like the soda costing one or two hundred dollars, how long would it take, how much carbonation would it lose, where would I do this, and what potential trouble could I find?

Then I saw this post:

Someone went through a great deal of trouble to share the efforts of other people with far more time and money.

Nobody cared.

It was a bit of a relief. Going through with it would have been a huge hassle. Then only my sister-in-law came, so it would have been a huge time and expense to maybe entertain one person outside of my immediate family.
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