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Now I'm thinking to purchase and pull 10 gauge THWN along with the UF-B. The reasoning is that any short or excessive electrical draw anywhere within the series of loads will trip the breaker. The run to the barn was cut when land was graded, and over the years has shorted several times and needed to be repaired. I'd hate for a short somewhere in the jenky wiring to knock out power to the garage until it gets repaired.

So, UF-B to the garage on a 30 amp breaker, and an additional 2 strands (only need 120v) THWN 10 gauge run from another 30 amp breaker to the old house/barn.

My question is, what is the danger in being completely cheap and running a single hot line from the new house to the old one, and relying on the neutral/ground of the old house? Is there a reason the grounds need to be connected by a wire?
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