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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
Yes I do mean instant

I suggest we keep 'current' as 'current' or 'possibly short trip' or even 'current trip'? DTE l is a bit ambiguous IMO - my initial thought was that it might be from the last X minutes of driving - sort of like a Prius histogram.

I could see one screen setup for long distance drives being useful where DTE calculations are front and centre. It's also fun to watch your DTE increase as you hypermile, and this could be a good incentive for some.

So yes, definitely happy to give other people's screens a go. With the current Guino or SG you don't get a lot of freedom, so you have to prioritize a bit more.

Hey mate,

I think that's what you were after?

Now.. I don't think I'll change the terminology on the DTE trip name.. but you can call it whatever you like on your screen..

Reason is.. It is used to set the DTE calculation in a way that suits your driving.. be it a long long term average so you know what your normal driving will deliver.. or you can reset it if you jump on a highway and want to see what to expect from new circumstances.

It cant be calculated off of the tank, as every time you drive away from the servo the average goes about 4 times what is normal, and takes the entire tank to normalize towards what is expected. And the theory on a time based recent trip amount has too many inconsistencies that wont be controllable or desirable for knowing exactly what's going on.

I'm happy to name it 'current' if you prefer to see those words on the page of your design, and you may prefer to just see what your short term average is or to use the ODO for trip measuring, but the 4 people that use this here do a split of long term, or fleeting short calculations, all for DTE use. Which is handy for timing refuels and weekend plans (fuel prices here in Perth are cheap on a Monday, and its extremely useful to at a glance see if you need to top up 15 litres at a 20% higher price or if you'll breeze through your planned trips before cheap day comes again)

Happy to make alterations, but also looking to keep things easy and controllable by the end user
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