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If Chernobyl and TMI hadn't choked nuke power off, Fukushima certainly did.

The newest generation of reactor designs have multiple passive safety systems, and some are "breeder" reactors, making viable again what would otherwise have been spent fuel, elongating the lifecycle of nuclear fuel and delaying the need for secure disposal.

That said, the ongoing need for disposal is a real issue, and neither the market nor regulators are in a mood for more nuclear power. A few hours on something as simple as Wikipedia would dispel some of that, but I think at least for the foreseeable future, nuclear will die a slow death.

I am much more optimistic about solar. Ivanpah solar station in California is a wonderful prototype for solar thermal stations going forward. The environmental lobby stepped on its own toes making noise about bird deaths before the situation was corrected, though, so that tech is now in some jeopardy as well. It's solar power able to be generated for many hours after sundown. In some ways, it's moving towards a perfect solution.

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