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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
In 2016 for the US nuclear made almost 20%, hydro made 6.5% wind made 5.5% and everything else made 4%.
I don't think those add up to 20%
The values I posted were for 2017,EIA.
And they are for only energy actually produced domestically,no foreign energy (of which we bought 23.7-quads).
*Natural gas was 31.77%
*Crude oil was ... 22.31%
*Coal was ......... 17.82%
*Renewable was . 12.7%
*Nuclear was ..... 9.6%
*Natural gas liquids 5.76%
Total domestic production was 87.64-quadrillion Btus.
I purposely left out foreign energy sources to illustrate 'actual' US energy capacity.
One glaring omission from the EIA data,is that they do not parse out 'feedstock' energy inputs,versus net produced energy output.
For instance,a light water reactor only harvests about 1% of the energy contained in the fuel rods.
And the best Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle coal-fired power plant has a thermal efficiency of,say,44%,so if it wheeled 15.62 quads of electric power onto a hub,it burned 35.5 quads worth of coal to get there,losing 56% of it's fuel's chemical energy potential to entropy.
*As of 2010,the best turbine was rated at 52% conversion efficiency,and after the cost is amortized out,it's 'fuel' is free.
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