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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
You probably won't get enough electricity out of it to make up for the extra gas you burn because of the added drag. Leave the solar cells home, sitting on your roof where they'll generate power whenever the sun is shining.

That's a good idea, but when I'm at home, electricity doesn't cost that much..

But, when I'm out on the road, driving up a steep hill at 40 MPH,
how much is electricity costing (in gasoline) to charge my car battery,
and provide electric power to the car's electronics??

The drag.. That's a real problem. But not one that can't be solved..
I've seen some aftermarket PV setups that looked like they
were painted on the roof.. Not much drag at all..

I think there are guys who have taken out their alternator completely
and charge their car battery at home every night..

A good low profile solar panel might really be useful for that mod.

If it's not practical now, how about when the 300 watt panels come out?

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