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Originally Posted by azraelswrd View Post
If done right, I don't think they will produce that much more drag especially on an SUV body (which aren't renown for their aero anyways). But as to the gains... not sure. I would use a solar rig set up to send power into a deep cycle battery and from that run my appliances (ie a small fan)

Something like this...
"How to make a solar power generator"

But I'm all about temporary gadgets that can be deployed and withdrawn at will. I'm not saavy enough to wire it into the car itself.
Those tiny panels can barely run a fan..
To get 200 watts out of those little portable panels, you would need
40 of them. At $3938.80 that's $19.69 a watt.
You could buy a Sanyo panel for about $5.52 a watt..

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