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A kid in high school told me he was building a home network, and I said that was dumb and pointless. Then 10 years later everyone had wireless networks.

Internet on phones was a novelty for wealthy folk, I said.

Finally, when SSD storage hit the market, I was done being pessimistic about adoption of technology and experienced firsthand how superior it was. Based on my experience, I figured 2 years and it would become the dominant storage platform. It's been about a decade now and were not quite to the 50% mark yet. It was adopted much slower than I had anticipated.

Location and utility costs have as much to do with solar adoption as the cost of the panels themselves. Half the days in the valley here are overcast or rainy. The sun is never directly overhead even in the summer, and the utility rates are among the lowest in the nation. There's absolutely no reason for me to install PV here. If I wanted to install PV, I'd install it in someone else's house in AZ and have them send me a check for the monthly production.
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