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Head gaskets used to come extra thick, thick, and regular. Thick compresses something like .030, extra thick maybe .060. I dunno been too long since I did this often. Hi-perf gaskets have extra compression metal around the cylinder for better seal. The cylinder area is critical, the rest of the head is an oil /water seal issue.
You can double them up, but that's risky.

I figure shaving the head costs $100 anymore, up side is you can gain some compression increase. If your bolts are reusable, you will need spacer washers that are the same thickness as what you shaved off.

You can home hone the head with silicon carbide 3M sandpaper but that will end costing about $100 for all the materials unless you can score 1/8 heat treated glass for free. Also need to know how to not hone odd features in.
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