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Impossible Burguer It uses a plant based sort of hemoglobin, called heme.

I wouldn't turst Burguer King, as vegetarian I'am. Impossible Burguer, true plant based was expensive and Burguer King could mix it with real meat to cut cost of production.

Partnership with Impossible Foods (creator of the Impossible Burguer- a burguer that bleeds like a rare or medium rare beef).

I wouldn't trust, specially in my country, since if it costs more than burger meat (cheap meat) and tastes the same, they could use real meat instead.

But even Impossible Burguer don't have the very same texture as meat, despite be close, in terms of chew. And it can't be roasted like real meat.
There is a german research that developed a texture more t=close to meat than anything, and they had some meating with Impossible Foods. Maybe in a near future both technologies are combined to get the best texture and the best taste.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Nobody has heard of the Impossible Whopper? Burger King is trying it out in St. Louis and it may go nation\worldwide: Burger King’s new Whopper is 0% beef. That’s a big deal.

We had discussed heme before. It is supposed to be indistinguishable from meat, but the member that tried it said it was definitely different.

It will cost $1 more than a normal Whopper. Around here, that is 17% more.

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