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All because they don't make indoor windmills.

Energy Through Wind Power By R. BUCKMINSTER FULLERJAN. 17, 1974

Wind power is in a class by itself as the greatest terrestrial medium for harvesting, harnessing and conserving solar energy. The water and air waves circulating around our planet are unsurpassed energy accumulators whose captured energy may be used to generate electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic power systems.

Windmills produce power from the sun ‐ generated differentials of heat, which are the source of all wind, with far greater efficiency than do attempts to focus and store direct solar radiation. But the most comprehensive consideration regarding wind power is not technological. Rather it is an appreciation that wind ‘power is by far the most efficient way to recapture solar power.
This rotation of the earth brings about myriad of high‐low atmospheric differentials and world‐around semi‐vacuumized drafts, which produce the terrestrial turbulence we speak of as the weather.

The combined two billion cubic miles of continual atmospheric kinetics converts the solar energy into wind power. Wind power is sun power at its greatest, by better than 99 to 1.
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