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Turtle How to get rid of my Alternator?

I have bin a huge Eco Mod nerd for some time now but just decided to join this site today. I have took out my passenger seat and Sun Roof window with all the sun roof motor and all. I recently also did a P/S Delete and A/C delete. I got a 2003 Honda Civic Sport LX. I got 1 belt and that belt goes to my alternator and for the life of me I cant figure out a economic way to delete it the problem I see is I would need to buy some kind of lithium battery so I can drain it down to around 20% without damaging it but realistically how much range can I get for a not insanely expensive lithium battery ?

I think id need some kind of meter to show me what percentage my battery is at and is there any kind of way I could use a eclectic vehicle charging station to charge my battery if I need to ?

IT would be like some kind of semi hybrid car since without the alternator I should see my MPG go up a lot . Also thinking maybe some kind of clutch I can turn on and off from my alternator .. Thoughts ??

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