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Hypermiler logo - warning to others?


I'm really here to learn. I doubt I'll qualify as a hypermiler.

My current HA does 8.86 L/100 km when I drive semi sensible.

When I do a full tank at 85 km/hr on the highway then it goes to 7.64 L/100 km. For you yanks that's 30.8 MPG.

I'll be buying a new Accord next month (1.5T). Per some on the Drive Accord forum they are hitting 45 MPG in good conditions and very conservative driving. Not at all bad.

BUT my main concern is safety. The route to work is traffic flow at 100 - 120 km/hr. (Legal is 60 - 100 km/hr). I drive on the right edge of the right lane - tires touching the white paint...

Is there such a thing as a recognized "hypermiler" logo?

I intend to add lights to the tail of the car also so people are warned well in advance... is there a standard?

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