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Hi, welcome to Ecomodder.

My dad works for a Honda dealership and drives a demo car. The latest Accords with the 1.5T he's driven would get him around 38 MPG city, 44 MPG highway with completely normal driving. The 1.5T is truly an efficient engine to be putting out those numbers on such a large car without any hypermiling. Even my smaller '04 Civic I used to have wasn't quite as efficient as that prior to mods and hypermiling.

Regarding a hypermiling standard, when I drive slow, I just drive slow. Driving slow on the highway means looking back out the rearview mirror more often. You are the odd one out, therefore it is up to you to ensure that you are driving safely. Oftentimes this means turning on the hazards for a few blinks when a semi truck is approaching or when a car is approaching too fast and/or not paying attention. If traffic is unusually thick I am sometimes obligated to speed up to avoid having a pack of cars angrily stuck behind me in the right lane. Hypermiling is no good if it is not safe. Safety must always come first. I tend to argue that hypermilers are generally safer drivers because they are forced to pay attention to their surroundings. If someone isn't doing that, then they shouldn't doing any kind of extreme hypermiling.

You could get an Ecomodder sticker and put that on the back, or there are MPG stickers you can order online that might get the point across to any few of the logical drivers left in the world.
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